About us

About Us

La Jalouze is a Quebec company that designs high-end fur coats and accessories. After several years of research and development, the company’s two founders came up with a trendy, unique and high-quality product. This young but growing company intends to become a popular destination for women who love fur and Quebec design. La Jalouze is intended for bold, daring women that want to stand out with an elegant yet sexy look.


La Jalouze is intended for the young, ambitious, elegant woman that dares to wear fur. She is zealous and loves to be sexy.

Kathleen Alix

Kathleen has always loved fur from a young age. She got several jobs in the fashion industry, including an assistant designer position at a large denim company where she quickly climbed the ladder. In a matter of a few years, she was appointed the Creative Director. Using her fertile imagination, Kathleen loves to create, transform and embellish. For Kathleen, details and finishing touches need to be perfect and of high quality. She also has a passion for entrepreneurship. For 5 years, she led a designer clothes company for the first time in the late 90s

The Project

La Jalouze is a project born out of the friendship between these two moms of twin boys. Somehow, fashion and fur always seemed to make their way in their conversations. They shared their ideas for future projects and decided to team up. They are toying with the idea of bringing La Jalouze across Canada, the United States, and who knows, the world.

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